Rockport, MA Annual Water Quality Report

Do You Know Your Town's Water Quality?

Before we begin to design your system, TrueWaterQuality always researches the quality of your city or town water so we can optimize the filtration of your home’s water. If you have your own well we suggest comprehensive testing. Here are a couple useful resources to explore for those homeowners on Town Water who want to know what’s in their drinking water:

Where your Drinking Water Comes From

At present, the drinking water for the Town of Rockport is
supplied by two main surface water sources; Cape Pond located
off Main Street at 3 DPW Way and Carlson’s Quarry located off
Granite St. at Quarry Rd. Flat Ledge Quarry is used to
supplement Carlson’s Quarry. We pumped 26.48 million gallons
to Carlson’s Quarry from Flat Ledge Quarry in 2018. The Mill
Brook Replacement Well field went on line in 2002’ and can
average 200,000 gallons per day and is both a raw water source
for Cape Pond and treated through the DAF plant. We did not
pump any water from the well field in 2018. All of Rockport’s
drinking water is treated through two water filtration facilities
located off Main Street at 3 DPW Way. Treatment is for color,
turbidity, bacteria, corrosion control, pH, disinfection, alkalinity
and fluoridation and is implemented before delivery to the
customer. Rockport currently utilizes two different systems to
treat raw water. In 1939 the RSF (Rapid Sand Filtration) plant
was built to treat Cape Pond water. In 1987 a new chemical
building was added to the treatment plant and the existing plant
was upgraded with new technologies. With the use of new
technologies and techniques always being integrated, the old
plant has been able to run as efficiently and effectively as newer
plants. In May of 1998 the new DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation)
plant was completed and went on line to treat Carlson’s Quarry
water. All of Rockport’s water now goes through one of the
treatment plants before being released into the distribution
system. Rockport’s water treatment facilities are treating water
seven days a week year round.

EWG: Tap Water Database

The Environmental Working Group is a non- profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. 

Since 2010, water utilities’ testing has found pollutants in Americans’ tap water, according to an EWG drinking water quality analysis of 30 million state water records.

The site features research and news about pollutants found in drinking water, Drinking Water Standards and Consumer Reports. What is interesting about the EWG database is that for each type of contaminant found in your town’s water the site shows the “goal” target level in addition to the Federal government’s Maximum allowable level.

Click here to see EWG’s report on Rockport water: click here

The law requires water utilities to communicate specific information to consumers in an annual report by July 1st of each year. This report is known by various names such as a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), “water quality report,” or “drinking water quality report.”

The CCR provides a wealth of information, including:

The SOURCE of your drinking water (e.g., lake, river, aquifer)

The LEVELS of any contaminants found in your drinking water, and for comparison, the maximum level permitted by the EPA (the EPA’s health-based standard called the “maximum contaminant level”) The POTENTIAL health effects of any contaminant detected at levels higher than the health standard.

Rockport Annual Water Report:

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