Types of Water Filtration Systems

There are many different types of water filtration systems on the market, but they generally fall into one of two categories: point of use and point of entry.

What is a point of entry water filter?

A point of entry water filter (also known as “whole house”) is a filtration system that is installed near your home’s main water supply. This type of treatment system filters all of your home’s water before it is sent to the individual fixtures in your home. That means that a point of entry water filter provides filtered water for ALL the water used inside and outside of your home.
Point of entry water treatment systems can use a number of different filtration methods depending on the individual needs of your home. Often, point of entry systems are used in conjunction with a point of use drinking water system.

TWQ offers a variety of Whole House water systems Including:

Wall mounted cartridge type systems such as our popular Italian made TWQ-3000 Whole House Water Purification System ( shown here )

The TWQ-3000 is a good choice for smaller homes/condos, designed to use standard cartridges as well as a variety of specialized cartridges. With this system we can target specific water contaminants such as lead, chlorine, chloramines. The housings are standard sized and non proprietary 4.5″ X 20″ cartridges. You will avoid single source, proprietary design, replacement cartridges for your water filter system.
Because the size is industry standard you will be able to have any company you choose service your system or service it yourself. Proprietary type cartridges always use excessive amounts of plastic to create their product and are far less ” green ” than standard sized non proprietary counterparts. You will benefit not only from more competitive pricing, but also by being able to upgrade your filtration system to improved purification technologies from a variety of makers as they become available.

Another option for Whole House systems are larger, “Backwashing”  Floor Tank Systems

For larger homes with high water usage, backwashable floor tanks are often the appropriate solution. Wall mounted systems are less expensive but will restrict the flow of water needed in larger homes. Specially designed for either chemically treated municipal water or well water, these filters can house a variety of different media designed to treat your particular water.

Tanks are sized to your homes water usage as well as pipe size at the water main. Tanks are usually 2/3 filled with special media such as G.A.C. (granulated activated carbon), coconut shell carbon or other specialized media like Arsenic absorption media. Raw water flows downward through the media and up through a central tube to the homes piping system. Automatic timed backwashes are necessary to agitate the media which prevents channeling of water unevenly through the media and lowering its effectiveness. This backwashed water is directed to an interior drain or to outdoors. These systems are more complex and require additional plumbing work when compared to wall mounted cartridge systems.

What is a point-of-use water filtration system?

A point of use water filter is a filtration system that’s installed at a single fixture. These are most commonly found in the kitchen because they are often used to filter the water you use for drinking and cooking. A point of use water filter (such as a reverse osmosis system) can provide some of the highest-quality water that you can get, however it only delivers the highly purified water to a single tap.

TWQ offers a variety of point of use systems including:

Pentair 575GRO Reverse Osmosis System


Pentair 575

The new Pentair Freshpoint 75 Gallon Per Day 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System is the ultimate RO water filtration technology. The water produced from this system is among the purest obtainable from any residential RO System.

It is designed for safe & dependable under-sink use, as installation connections are minimized by the 5 stage single injection molded manifold. Replacement cartridges are easy to change as the manifold cartridge locking and release feature, automatically shuts off the water pressure for each cartridge, including the RO membrane.

PH balancing re-mineralizer cartridges are also available as a 6th and separate stage.

Annual Automatic Service Agreements available. Our technicians will remove and dispose of used cartridges, professionally clean and disinfect housings. Cost of annual service is $299 plus sales tax on parts only.

Replacement cartridges also available separately should the homeowner want to service the unit themselves.

Reverse Osmosis Alternative System

Undersink Drinking/Cooking water filter

Our Italian made model TWQKS2000M or TWQKS2000W system is a top of the line, commercial grade system.

These rugged, high volume, commercial grade filter systems are the highest quality available anywhere. If you want unlimited amounts of highly purified drinking water delivered to your existing faucet, this unit is perfect for you.

The TWQKS2000 series fits easily under any sink and connects quickly with minimal plumbing required to the cold water side of your existing sink faucet with stainless steel 3/8″ compression hoses. Your cold tap water faucet now delivers delicious tasting purified water. Water flow and pressure are very strong as the filter has many times the flow capacity of your existing faucet.

This is a huge advantage for those looking to fill pots quickly in the kitchen. What is incredible about these systems is the massive volume they can handle between filter changes, 10,000 plus gallons! The cartridges also remove or dramatically reduce hundreds of harmful contaminants not removed by plastic jug filters. Chloramines, such as haleoacedic acids and tri-halomethanes are significantly reduced and chlorine will be eliminated. This is a commercial grade filter system used by restaurants to filter their ice making and table water. This system is a great alternative to those not wanting reverse osmosis or folks looking for very high volume delivered directly to the existing kitchen tap.


  • Zero wasted water
  • No additional faucet needed
  • Takes less space under sink
  • Take it when you move
  • Rugged commercial construction
  • No overpriced proprietary cartridges with plastic covers
  • Environmentally responsible, less plastic waste

Required Service Intervals: Cartridges should be changed out every 12 months depending on use and incoming water quality.

Service Agreements available. Our technicians will remove and dispose of used cartridges, install new O-ring gaskets and Cartridges. Cost of annual service is $250 plus sales tax on parts only.

Replacement cartridges also available separately should the homeowner want to service the unit themselves.

Point of use vs. point of entry water filters: How to choose

Before choosing between a point of use and point of entry water filter, consider what concerns you have about your home’s water. If you are only concerned about the quality of the water you use for drinking and cooking, a point of use filter might be right for you. If you are concerned about the quality of the water you use for everything in your home, then a point of entry system would be a better option. For the best-possible protection, you should consider using both types of systems in combination.

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