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Detailed View of the Causes & Solutions

There are a variety of factors that affect the quality of your water. Our licensed regional experts will help you define the issue and create a customized solution to ensure your drinking water is free of contaminants and other issues such as water hardness or odor. We test your water before recommending treatment. It is this consultation that is key in helping us design the perfect solution, built for you. 

Rotten Egg Odor, Oily or Odd Odor, Turbidity

Rotten Egg Odors, Fishy or Oily Odors, and Turbid water are all very evident in your water. If you have these issues, you’ll know it right away. They can all be managed for good tasting (and smelling!) clean water.

Bad odor can be an annoyance, while turbidity can clog your plumbing and make your water unsightly.

As a homeowner you may experience:

  • An odor to your water that is “off”, either rotten egg, musty or fishy smell or taste
  • The overall look of your water is clouded or has a reddish tint to it
  •  Reddish or brownish stain on sinks, tubs, and appliances
  • Clogging of faucet screens and appliances
  • Water turns your tea, coffee, and potatoes brown or black

How to Treat Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg Odor) in Drinking Water

Rotten egg odor is caused by Hydrogen Sulfide gas. Although not a health concern, it can be unpleasant in taste and odor.

There are various ways to remove this odor depending on the root cause. Chlorination of a well will reduce hydrogen sulfide-producing bacteria. Filtration systems installed for the house are a successful solution, as well. For more information about our  Entipur  Aircycle  System, click here.

How to Treat Fishy, Oily or Odd Odor or Taste in Drinking Water

Oily, Fishy, Musty, or odd odor in your drinking water is most commonly caused by naturally decaying organic material in your water source or chloramines, which are used to disinfect public water. The strong odor can be off-putting.

Reverse Osmosis systems can remove contaminants in your water, while carbon filtration can improve the odor and taste. Typical solutions include Whole House carbon filtration to remove odors followed by Point of Use Reverse Osmosis to treat drinking water for an entire range of potential contaminants.

How to Treat Turbidity in Drinking Water

Turbidity is a measure of the cloudiness in your drinking water and is caused by suspended particles made up of tiny bits of rock, soil, and other matter. It can make your water hazy, affect the taste, and increases the chance of having bacteria in the water.

Treatment for Turbid water is accomplished through Sediment Filtration, Carbon Filtration, and reverse osmosis.

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