Scaling & Corrosion

Common Water Problems in your region.

Detailed View of the Causes & Solutions

There are a variety of factors that affect the quality of your water. Our licensed regional experts will help you define the issue and create a customized solution to ensure your drinking water is free of contaminants and other issues such as water hardness or odor. We test your water before recommending treatment. It is this consultation that is key in helping us design the perfect solution, built for you. 

Hard Water, Low pH, Saltwater Intrusion

Hard Water, Low pH, and Saltwater Intrusion lead to scaling and corrosion in your pipes, shower, and various water fixtures.

While hard water can be an annoyance, Low pH and Saltwater intrusion can cause permanent damage to pipes and equipment and even leach metal into your drinking water.

As a homeowner you may experience:

  • Dry itchy skin, limp hair with split ends
  • Your water tastes or smells like metal or salt, and leaves smoky rings on glasses and pots
  • Greyish white film/scaling or bluish-green staining in sinks and tubs and showerheads
  • Loss of suds in the clothes washer, producing stiff faded laundry after washing
  • Pinhole leaks in pipes and general corrosion
  • Salty taste to water and salty corrosion buildups

How to Treat Hard Water in Drinking Water

A whole house water softener removes the minerals (calcium and magnesium) causing water hardness. These systems are Whole House systems, they treat all of the water entering the home. For more information about our water softening products, click here.

Salt-free conditioning whole house systems chemically alter the minerals (calcium and magnesium) that create scaling in your pipes. This will help with your pipes and appliances but does not make the water soft. For more information about our Salt Free Conditioning Systems, click  here.

How to Treat LOW pH in Drinking Water

If your water is acidic (low pH), you can use a neutralizing filter containing naturally occurring minerals that raise the pH. For more information about our Low pH treatment Systems, click here.

This is a whole house system that will protect your plumbing and support the health of your family that aligns with EPA’s standards.

How to Treat Saltwater Intrusion (Salinity) in Drinking Water

Saltwater intrusion affects those living in coastal communities or saltwater marshland with well water. Salty water can slowly infiltrate systems without warning.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis systems can turn saltwater into a high-quality, purified water supply for all your water usage.

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