Manganese and Iron

Effects of Iron & Manganese in Your Water

Iron and manganese in your drinking water can affect the taste, but also leave rust stains on porcelain or corroded pipes.

Iron is known for the orange and brown stains which are caused when ferrous iron is exposed to oxygen. These unsightly stains can be seen in toilets, bathtubs, showers, sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines. Manganese leaves a brownish-black stain on laundry, plumbing, and fixtures.

Does Your Water Taste or Smell Like Metal?

Iron deposits create a metallic taste which can ruin your tap water as well as affecting the flavor and appearance of your food.

Certain vegetables that come into contact with ferrous iron can become discolored and taste unpleasant.

Beverages that are made using iron-dissolved water will taste bitter or unappealing, such as coffee and tea.

Property owners with private wells may taste or smell metal more often than those who receive city water.

How to Treat Magnesium and Iron in Drinking Water

A whole house water filtration system can help remove unwanted iron from your water supply and safely remove metallic tastes and odors.

Our water softeners can remove between 2-5 Mg/L of Iron and low levels of Manganese helping to remove unwanted iron from your water supply and easily remove metallic tastes and odors.


Twin Tank Softener

Higher levels of Iron and Manganese can be treated by Aeration/Filtration.


Entipure AirCycle

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